Next Generation ‘Farm from a Box’ : Solar powered farm for living off grid 

The Next Generation “Farm from a Box”, brings individuals or communities a modified shipping container, that allow them to prosper by creating their own sustainable agriculture. These shipping containers would be wonderful to have in disaster struck areas of the world.They could be flown in and dropped off, allowing a community to start building and growing organic food immediately. Powered by the sun, these shipping containers come with a system that includes: Sustainable Farming Practices, Technology Use and Maintenance, and Basic Business and Entrepreneurship Training.

The “Farm in a Box” comes with the necessities to build a 2 acre farm. The company wants to empower people and create independence by strengthening communities from the ground up. Each system can be specifically designed per the buyers needs. Depending on the climate and resources, each Farm will differ. These farms cam be used for: Humanitarian Aid, Post-Crises rebuilding efforts, Community cooperatives, Un-intentional communities, Refugees and Displaced Persons, Schools and Education, Churches, HOA’s, Urban Food Deserts, and even the Backyard Gardener.

‘Farm from a Box” offers off-grid weather systems and sensor technology, geo-spatial mapping software and market information, they provide access to information that will continuously improve the agricultural production.The “Next Generation” Farms are here. I have even heard talk about “Mobile Barns”. In the future you could see many people towing their farms along with them behind their Motorhome or RV from location to location. A decentralized life is nearing for many families and fulltimers alike. I look forward to the day, when I am setup boondocking, and my neighbor has extended a fence off his mobile barn, to let his chickens free range. At that time, I will feel truly free, especially knowing that I can trade for eggs or something else of need. That will be the day!

Source: Next Generation ‘Farm from a Box’ : Solar powered farm for living off grid – The Homestead Guru

Merry Christmas!


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